Sweet Sixteen To-Do List

Yep, I’m 16 now! My birthday was on Friday, meaning that I am now spoilt for choice of crazy things to do. So, here’s my verdict on the list:

.Open a 16-19 bank account- Yes, I know I could have had one before, but my parents were basically useless about it. But I think it’s more than about time I kept my money somewhere other than a bag in my bedroom. I’m quite attracted to Barclays- for starters, they have an account specifically for 16-19s, and the bank has a good pro-diversity record. My parents are with Lloyds TSB though, and their under-19s account looked reasonably good. I’ll look around a bit, I think, before coming to a decision.

. Get married- Ha. I’ve never even had a proper boyfriend. (When you’re nine and you never see each other outside school, it doesn’t count.) But I definitely want to get married, one day. Probably in a registry office.

. Drive a moped/invalid carriage- Nah, not really fussed. and what’s an invalid carriage, anyway? Sounds a bit ominous.

. Have sex- I wish! See ‘Get married’. And it should be someone you’re genuinely in love with.

. Drink wine/beer with a meal if accompanied by an adult: I doubt I’ll ever make use of this. I’ve never had a single sip of wine that I didn’t regard as disgusting. I liked the buck’s fizz at my cousin’s wedding, but that’s about it.

.Get an NI number- Done that. Or rather, I was sent one, over a month ago. Still haven’t memorised it.

. Join a trade union- No point, I don’t have a proper job.

. Work full-time if you have left school- I haven’t. And you have to be in education until you’re 18 now, so I think that’s no longer accurate.

. Get the national min. wage for 16-17s- see ‘trade union’.

. Join the army- Not going to happen. If I ever got involved in a war, I’d be helping the affected civilians. Besides, I don’t fancy the discipline.

.Change name by deed poll- Unilkely.

. Leave home- Not just yet- I have no reason to.

. “in certain circumstances you must pay for prescriptions, dental treatment and eye tests”- Whoopee.

. Choose a GP- But how do you know you’re choosing a good one?

. Consent to medical treatment- Great. So if I die, I can’t blame my parents?

. Buy premium bonds: Um, what are those?

. Register as a blood donor: Definitely. I’ve already got my organ donor card. (If you’re thinking about registering, please do! Donors are much needed, especially ethnic minority ones.)

. Pilot a glider- Sounds fun, but I’ve had no training. My friend might want to, though- she’s in the Air Cadets and wants to be an RAF pilot.

. Buy a lottery ticket- No thanks. Interesting statistic: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=8US3Snx5L3c Go to about 11:40. A depressing comment on humanity indeed.

. Apply for a passport- No particular need to do that right now.

So, wordpressers, who else has turned 16? Which of your rights are you planning on exercising? Let me know in the comments. Consolations on my lonely state much appreciated. Ciao!





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