Why from Now On I’m going to Publish Posts Before they’re Actually Finished

It’s funny really, because I’d never have come up with this idea if I hadn’t accidentally published an unfinished post, and found to my horror that there was no way to revert it to draft form.

But then I thought: ah well. I’ll have to keep updating the published post.

And then I realised that not only was I surviving by doing it that way, I was TOTALLY LOVING IT. Because it lets me concentrate on the small steps, instead of fretting about how long it’s taken me to finish a post. It means that however little I manage to do, I’ll still have something out there.

Of course, I’ll still try and finish one project before moving on to the next one. I won’t have more than two projects on the go at the same time.

Otherwise, what are the limits??? I feel like I’ve stumbled on something that’s going to revolutionise the way I do stuff like blogging.

It can only get better (apart from some slight or massive plunges along th way) from now!

Who knows, maybe someone might actually read my posts!

Ciao hypothetical bellas, and happy blogging!


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