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Amazing Youtube Comment

I just found this under the music vid for ‘Love Myself’ by Hailee Steinfeld:

Serena from the Revenge Era 1 week ago
I saw some people complaining about how she just made this song to look better and I honestly don’t get it. No matter what kind of music is being made, these people can’t be satisfied. Ever. If songs about sex, drugs and money are being made, people complain about the songs having no meaning. If songs are made for positivity and have a genuine meaning, the songs get bashed for “only being made so that the artist can look better”. What do you guys want? Why does everyone always have to find a flaw? Can’t we just accept that there is nothing perfect in this world? And look inside of ourselves before we try to degrade positivity. I feel like we’re entering a new generation of happiness and love, but it will never fully get there if people just have to nit-pick every little thing they come across.